NZ Police

Neighbourhood Support has a close relationship with the NZ Police. Our team works alongside community policing teams to help establish Street Groups and address issues in the community

If you have an issue in your community you need help resolving, we and the community policing team maybe able to help. Please Contact Us

When to call 111

Dial 111 for any emergency, such as

  • There is a fire of any sort.
  • You need an ambulance because someone is seriously hurt.
  • Someone is breaking into your house right now.
  • There is car accident where people might be hurt, or cars are blocking the road.
  • Someone has been assaulted and the offender is still there.
  • You are afraid for your safety and / or for those around you.
  • You need an emergency Police response.

When to use 105

105 is the non-emergency contact for NZ Police. You can phone them 24/7 or report online at Examples of when to use 105:

  • Your car or bike has been stolen.
  • Someone has vandalised your wall.
  • You’ve lost your wallet or phone, or your handbag was stolen at the library.
  • Someone broke into your car and might have taken something.
  • You’re a retailer and someone has shoplifted or driven off without paying for gas.
  • You suspect a scam or drug dealing.
  • Your house has been burgled (if you think the burglar may still be in your home, or running down the street, do not go inside – contact Police immediately by calling 111).

You can also use 105 to:

  • Add information to your existing Police report
  • Get in touch with your local Police station

If you can’t get through to 105 for any reason, please call 0800 105 105.

Call *555 (mobile phone only)

  • For urgent but not life-threatening traffic matters that don’t need an emergency response.
  • Continuous poor driving.
  • Traffic congestion, breakdowns, and obstructions on the highway.
  • Please note: *555 calls are answered with less priority than 111 calls.