Street Groups

Your street group is your group of neighbours nearby who wish to connect with one-another to keep in touch, keep an eye out for issues and come together to improve your community.

When you join a group, you get to decide what works best for you and how you want to get involved. Perhaps you just want to receive the newsletter updates – great! Perhaps you want to spearhead a new street beautification project or organise a seed swap – awesome!

Join or start a street group

If you want to join a street group, you can find out from your neighbours who your group contact is, otherwise please reach out to our friendly team who can assist you to join.

If there isn’t a street group in your street, you can start one yourself! We are happy to provide resources to help you connect with your neighbours and form a group.

Ideas for your street group

  • Create a neighbourhood plan to document the aims of your street group, and how you can respond in an emergency situation.
  • Have a street get-together to get to know each other
  • Share your contact details with your neighbours so they can get in touch
  • Have a street clean up and beautify your community