•  A community-focused charity staffed by volunteers who aim to help residents make their homes, streets, neighbourhoods and communities  safer and more caring places to live.
  • Unlike some of the privately-owned business, commercial social media sites, we are a New Zealand based not-for-profit charity which does not provide membership information for advertising, business or tracking purposes.
  • Personal membership information is secure and confidential and is not disclosed to third-parties for any reason. View our Privacy Policy.

  • Membership is free and gives the assurance of being part of a network of over 11,000 Hamilton households  registered with us.
  • Get to know neighbours; receive free information about crime prevention and disaster preparedness; have confidence that neighbours are keeping an eye out for group members; and an opportunity to be involved in the local community, either as a member or as a volunteer.
  • We work in partnership with the Hamilton Police,  Civil Defence, Hamilton City Council (HCC) and Community Patrols NZ. 
  • By supporting our members with information and resources we help them avoid becoming victims of crime.
  • Our Members Area provides extensive resource and advice on crime prevention. 
  • Members are provided with regular updates on current and new crime prevention measures, email alerts and newsletters.  
  • Each member can view and update their own membership profile, and a directory of members of their own Neighbourhood Support Group. 
  • Resources like street warning signs and stickers can be ordered on-line.
  • View our Terms of Use

Neighbourhood Support Hamilton Inc

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