About Us

At Neighbourhood Support we believe that a well-connected community helps to improve safety, resilience, and wellbeing for all.

Being involved in Neighbourhood Support comes in many forms. You might attend street meetups, stay connected online or by email, host street barbeques,
organise kai swaps, or undertake community beautification projects.

As a member of Neighbourhood Support Hamilton you’ll be able to receive emails keeping you up-to-date with what’s happening in your community, access tips and tricks
to improve the safety of your home, learn how to get prepared for emergencies, and so much more!

By supporting each other we can solve local issues and make our neighbourhoods safe and welcoming for all.

Street Groups

Your street group is your group of neighbours nearby who wish to connect with one-another to keep in touch, keep an eye out for issues and come together to improve your community.


We provide a number of great resources to help you to setup a Neighbourhood Support street group, maintain your street group and to better connect and participate with your community

Your Community

We work with a number of groups in the community, such as NZ Police, Community Patrol, FENZ, Civil Defence and more